Build Your Brand by Advertising with Custom Signs

Building a brand that is easy to remember is an important step in promoting your business. Outdoor business signs are a great tool to increase visibility for your brand. Take time to carefully decide what you want people to remember about your business and what will make a positive impression. Once you've decided on how you will position your brand and your brand's message, you'll want to design a logo for your sign.

Design a Logo

A business's logo is a visual summary of the brand. When designing your logo you may want to hire a professional graphic artist who has experience in choosing the best color combinations, fonts and text. If you decide to create your own logo for custom signs, make sure the image is saved in high resolution. This will make the logo clear and readable when printing large outdoor business signs.

Spread the Word

After you choose your brand and logo, the next step is getting the word out about your new image. Business yard signs are the least expensive form of advertising and attract up to 50% of a business’s new customers, according to the US Small Business Administration. To advertise with yard signs, design custom signs that include your new logo and message. Place them either outside your business near high-traffic areas or on your storefront window. If you have company vehicles, include the logo with custom vinyl letters to reinforce your image. Another great way to spread the word is hosting a launch party or ribbon cutting. Many local chambers of commerce have ribbon cutting parties for new members, or you can simply have your own. Hand out flyers around town and keep business cards on hand to increase visibility of your brand and logo.

Stay Consistent with Your Brand

A business should continue to build their brand over time through a variety of marketing channels. Any time new business signs, flyers, business cards, letterheads or brochures are made, the brand and logo need to remain the same. Even if you are advertising a specific event or sale, colors and fonts used in the promotional materials should reflect the business brand. Repetition and consistency helps customers remember your business and eliminate confusion with competitors. Building a brand can be difficult, but following these steps and keeping it consistent will help increase visibility for your business.